We are able to provide prescription medicines to animals under our care. Depending on the condition or type of medication required, and how recently your pet was last seen by a vet, the vet may need to see your pet before prescribing medication.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons allows veterinarians to prescribe medication to animals “under their care”, which many practices, including ours, define as the following:

For lifelong conditions where your pet is stable on their long term medication, a repeat prescription check is usually required every six months. Some conditions may require more frequent checks, but the vet will be able to advise you on what is appropriate.

If your pet has recently been diagnosed with a condition, your vet may need to see them more frequently to ensure that no dose changes need to be made and that your pet is not developing any side effects of treatment. Once your pet is stable on treatment, rechecks will not need to be as frequent.

For flea and worm treatment we need to have seen your pet within the last 12 months. If we haven’t seen your pet in this length of time, we offer free weigh and worm checks to keep them up to date with flea and worming.

Written prescriptions are available if you prefer to get your pet’s medication from a pharmacy. There is a charge per written prescription (not per item) with up to three items per prescription. Where emergency or immediate treatment is required it may not be possible to provide a written prescription.

Please ring the practice or call in to order repeat medication, giving us at least 48-hours notice before you will be ready to collect. This gives the vet time to dispense the medication and order in extra stock if required.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer an online prescription service, so please contact Beechwood by phone (01782 782582) or in person to request your pet’s medication.